With a combination of over 100 years experience, and 5 full time mechnics, we can tackle any work needed.

We do everything from a simple safety checks, servicing to wheel building. Aside from the simple gear checks, or brake set up, we can also service your suspension forks, rear shock, hubs, suspension bearings and dropper seatposts. As mentioned, we can accommodate any and all needs.

Wheel building has always been a part of the workshop, from a basic true up to a full rebuild, hub service to tubeless setup.

Call us now for a price on the work you need and to see what dates are available for you and take advantage of our booking-in service. You can call us and have a specific slot for your bike to be lovingly cared for and brought back to health.


In a service, we check all of your bike over and make sure that your gears and brakes are working, as well as going over all the bolts to make sure they are tightened and torqued to perfection. Also, a minor truing of the wheels (making sure they are straight) is included, but no new parts are included.

We actually have a nice big A4 sheet of tick boxes that we go through (we can show you if you’d like to geek out, you party animal), so you know that we’ve checked and tightened everything, but also, it lets you know the condition of each part - for that peace of mind. It’s always nice to know if you need to save for anything the next time around.

Free Service

From £40

We go through the complete bike checking gears, brakes, every nut & bolt, true the wheels and make sure your bike is safe and ready to go. "What if I need parts?" These aren’t included in the standard charge, but we can offer you a fair price on all parts needed. Just ask us to give you an estimate to fix your bike and at least you’ll have an idea on what it may cost.

eBike Service

From £50

As well as the "bike" part of your eBike we can also service the "e" part. We can check and instal any software updates if available, perform a motor & battery status report to make sure everything is performing as it should, and help you customise and tune your eBike electronic parts including motors, batteries, gears, lights and computers.

Free Service

From £45

So you’ve bought a bike and need it setting up safely and correctly? PDI stands for Pre-Delivery Inspection. Every bike we sell gets one for free. Not bought it from us? No problem! We don’t discriminate, and we will be happy to help. We go through all the bolts, the gears and the brakes and tick off everything as we go, so you know that it is safe and ready to ride.

Free Service


For any bike purchased from ourselves we offer a 1st free service. We recommend bringing the bike back after about 1-2 months from purchase so we can put it through the workshop, tune it up and check everything to make sure the bike is running well.



We have the facilities and experience to cater for suspension forks,rear shock and dropper post servicing. Manufacturers recommend a lower leg fork service once every 40-50 hours, so if it’s been a while since you’ve had them serviced, it’s well worth getting them looked at.

Forks, what do we do? We can either strip your forks down and replace just the lower leg oil with the correct weight oil and when finished, we give them a nice clean, or, if your fork happens to need more parts to get them feeling right, then we can give competitive prices on new seals and a damper bleed, etc. Sometimes just an oil change in the lower legs won’t get them working 100% and they will need more parts, so we’ll let you know before any extra work is carried out.

Rear shocks, we can take your shock air can apart and give it a good clean out, replace the oil and repressurise. If your shock needs the seals changing because it’s leaking, then we can easily cater for that too, but if it happens to be making a squelching sound, then it will be suffering from air reaching the oil (called cavitation), this will require further work that normally has to be carried out by the manufacturer themselves, we can send the shock off to the manufacturer’s relevant servicing department at Fox, Rockshox, etc, where they can delve deeper into it.

Dropper posts, they're nothing to do with suspension, but it does go up and down. Inevitably, as they are used far more than the gears and they are in the firing line of mud, they do need looking after that little bit more than a fork and a shock. We service all popular brands of droppers.

Prices for all work are very reasonable, so please either pop in with your suspension parts for a quote to fix them, or call for a booking-in slot. Please bear in mind, that if your fork, shock and dropper are still fitted to the bike when work is carried out, that an extra labour charge will be added, due to the extra time needed to remove and refit them.


The future.

Bosch eBikes
Shimano Steps
Giant eBikes
Fazua Service
Shimano Di2 Servicing
Mahle ebikmotion

We setup, service and repair all the big names in the eBike world including Bosch, Shimano, Yamaha and Fazua. Software updates, status reports, battery checks, fault diagnosis, we have all the correct tools and know how to take care of all your electronic parts including motors, batteries, gears, computers and lights.


We'll keep you rolling.

Basic true up, rim swap, complete new build or a restoration re-build we fix and build anything and everything to do with wheels. We only use top quality components in wheel building, for spokes and nipples we use DT Swiss and Sapim, for rims we recommend Mavic, Stans and RaceFace, for hubs you can not beat the Hope range but we also build on Shimano, Campagnolo and Chris King. If all parts are purchased in store then it's free labour for building, if you have you own parts (new or second hand) not a problem just call or pop in and we will give you a quote for building. All wheel builds get a free re-tension usually after the first couple of rides.


Protect your loved ones.

Stop your dream machine from getting stone chips, scratches, scuffs and scrapes from riding, storage or transportation. The invisiFrame protection is made from premium quality automotive film and a full frame kit starts from £70. Fitting costs start from £40 depending on the bike type, full suspension, hardtail or road bike. Call, message or email us for a quote and booking times.


Just the gears please.

As well as all the servicing we do we can just fix or fit what you want, no job too small.


Reserve a day and get it done.

We have a booking in service so you can get your bike repaired and not be without it for too long, call us any time to book a slot which suits you.


A guide to our repair charges.

Can't see what you are looking for? Please don't hesitate to give us a call or drop us a message regarding what work you would like done.

Basic Service £40 Includes fitting of basic parts.
eBike Service From £50 Includes diagnostics.
Basic Service - Kids Bike / BMX £30 Includes fitting of basic parts.
P.D.I. Check over - Any bike From £45 See description above.
Tubeless setup £35 Includes tape, valve & sealant
Puncture Repair - Wheel Only £10 +£8 for self sealing tube.
Puncture Repair - Wheel in Bike £20 +£8 for self sealing tube.
Fork Service £30-£150 Includes oil and seals if needed.
Rear Shock Service (Air) £25-£45 Includes seals if needed.
Hydraulic Brake Bleed £20 Includes oil.
Wheel true From £8 Includes tensioning.
Wheel spoke & true From £10 Includes standard spoke.
Wheel build From £40 Labour only.
New wheel build FREE With all parts from Two Wheels
Chris King Hub Service - Front £20 Full strip down, clean, new "King" lube
Chris King Hub Service - Rear £50 Full strip down, clean, new "King" lube
Hope Hub Service - Front £25 Full strip sown, clean, new beariings
Hope Hub Service - Rear £50-£65 Full strip down, clean, new beariings & springs
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